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Ad Serving Solutions offers hosted ad serving, Saas Software as a service pricing plans, dedicated servers, complex server hosting, ad server video player
, CMS, Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services with Dedicated Bandwidth.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a hosted solution that has ability to serve digital content on behalf of other websites and portals. This system is especially useful for websites that serve high number of digital impressions or they serve rich media content, video, music, games, graphics, html, social media, software, downloads, movie delivery, ad delivery and more. Most often used for the purpose of improving performance, scalability and cost efficiency.

Ad Serving Solutions software as a service - On demand hosted and web based software hosting. Hosting is all done on our servers, CMS, CDN and video ad servers. Hosting available for all of our solutions including ad network, ad management affiliate network, banner exchange and affiliate software. Hosting is available for all 5 of our software applications through subscription plans, dedicated servers with dedicated bandwidth, CDN hosting and other complex hosting that requires high bandwidth for serving flash video and audio streaming, Voice over IP and Game servers where accumulated traffic occurs.

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Remotely hosted ad serving services starting at $29.95 per month. Ad hosting through remotely asp hosted ad management advertising solution providing centralized, outsourced ad management, affiliate tracking, delivery, roi tracking, reporting, geographical targeting, and CPM CPC CPA and timed campaign options. For those who do not want to deal with servers, software and databases. This is the total solution for you!

Ad Serving Solutions provides web based affiliate hosting, ad serving, hosting, ad management hosting, ad network hosting, affiliate network hosting and advertising delivery solutions; software as a service. Ad serving through Subscription pricing, and software that's stored remotely, or "hosted," rather than installed directly on a business' own servers. For those who are in need of ad serving of online ads and do not want to setup servers, software and databases. Services delivered via a "software as a service" model, available on demand, so there is no traditional software to install, upgrade or maintain.

  • All hosting provided by us
  • No expensive hardware or software to install
  • Empowers non technical users 
  • Can use our hosting services with any website
  • Usage related traffic spikes never slow performance
  • Flexible business model with predictable costs
  • Easy integration with other technologies
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • The latest technology, innovation and best practices

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Software as a service. Hosting affiliate and ad management solutions. Ad Network and affiliate network software hosting. We provide affiliate and ad serving services that are web based and that are hosted on our servers. For those who do not wish to install software on their own servers. Everything is hosted on our servers by us so you will not have to install software on your own server.

Host any software application with us today. Instead of installing software on your server we do it all for you on our servers. It is that simple.
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Hosting done on our servers
No Software to Install
No Hardware Required
No Maintenance Necessary
No Bandwidth Charges
No Contracts Required
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Account Setup in minutes
Support Provided
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Software as a service. We now offer hosting for all of our software as well as CDN and dedicated servers:

Affiliate program hosting: More information
Ad network hosting: More information
Ad management hosting: More information
Banner exchange hosting: More Information
Affiliate network hosting: More Information

One time only Setup Fee of $299.
Select the monthly Impressions of your choice below. Impressions per month Fee is paid each month and will be billed monthly.

Once your hosting account is setup you will be provided a unique login to our servers along with a login for support

Monthly Plan


Up To 500,000 Impressions/Clicks   $29.95       Add to cart
Up To 1 Million Impressions/Clicks $49.95   Add to cart
Up To 3 Million Impressions/Clicks $113.00 Add to cart
Up To 5 Million Impressions /Clicks $199.00   Add to cart
Up To 10 Million Impressions/Clicks $399.00  Add to cart
Up To 15 Million Impressions/Clicks $599.00   Add to cart
Up To 20 Million Impressions/Clicks $799.00   Add to cart
Up To 30 Million Impressions/Clicks $1199.00   Add to cart
Up To 40 Million Impressions/Clicks $1399.00 Add to cart
Up To 50 Million Impressions/Clicks $1750.00 Add to cart
Up To 100 Million Impressions/Clicks $2999.00   Add to cart
Over 100 Million Impressions/Clicks  Click to Quote
Content Delivery Network (CDN)  2000 GB (or 2TB) content/200 GB storage  $60/Month  Add to cart
Dedicated Servers: Intel Core2 Quad, 2.4GZ, 2GB Ram, 2000 GB Monthly Transfer.  $379/Month   Add to cart
Ad Serving Solutions also offers video ad serving, dedicated servers, mobile advertising, complex server hosting, ad server video player, CMS, Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services with Dedicated Bandwidth. Recommended for serving flash, video streaming and audio streaming, Voice over IP and Game servers where accumulated traffic occurs. We can accommodate any server setup needed whether you need 50,000 GB: Gigabytes transfer or 200 TB: Terabytes per month or more. Larger plans and complex custom setups Click to Quote

Complete hosted advertising solutions for outsourcing your online ad serving through our hosted ad management system. For any business, from small web sites to large networks and ad agencies. 

Ad Serving Solutions provides hosted ad serving services for online advertising internationally to our clients in: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France,  Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden,Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

Additional Information on our software solutions can be found at these
direct links for your convenience. These are provided if you decide you would rather purchase our standard and enterprise strength software solutions instead of our hosted or software as a service:

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Ad Management Software Hosting
Affiliate Software Hosting
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Banner Exchange Software Hosting

Ad Serving Solutions is a powerful online advertising system. By combining advanced software and technology with high quality infrastructure Ad Serving Solutions gives you the power to manage your online advertising.

Ad Serving Solutions also provides dedicated servers to rent monthly. If you are looking for complete dedicated servers for any project so you have complete control we provide these which are optional.

Ad Serving Solutions

Ad Serving Solutions software as a service on demand ad serving, hosted and web based ad management services. Providing centralized and outsourced ad management, ad delivery, ad reporting, ad serving and ad tracking services. Remotely monitor, serve and track all your rich media ad campaigns easily and effectively.


Hosting Login Interface


dul   e :

Creative operational resource service
$150 per month with a 20 hour cap on usage

We provide operational services. What this means is that you would have a resource at your disposal who would setup and manage your ads/campaigns/reporting/rates etc. Its a very affordable ongoing monthly service. You could ask this team to set up: Accounts, campaigns, rates, reports, payment reconciliation, any back office work related with operations, creative work designing banner ads, flash ads and video ads. Add to cart

Programming Services
. Do you need a FREE quote for a new Project not related to our software solutions? Do you need a feature or function not already in our software applications? Provide us with your requirements and we will provide you with a FREE Quote estimate with time frame and cost.
Get a freee programming and design quote. Programming. Hire a programmer
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