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Ad Serving Solutions Saas Ad serving. High performance ad server scalability, serves your ads, tracks impressions, clicks, revenue, statistics, conversions in real time while providing low ad serving costs. Fully Featured Ad Server and Ad Serving tools for direct ad sales. Learn more about Ad Serving 

SaaS ad serving is an adserving system that facilitates the bidded buying and selling of online media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks, ad servers and ad exchanges. AdServing Demo

The main function of an ad server is aggrevation of advertising supply from publishers and matching it with advertiser demand. Through the use of an adserver, integration with rtb, dsp, ssp, ad exchange, agencies and ad networks, advertisements are delivered to consumers which enables ad targeting, tracking and reporting of impressions and conversions.

Our easy to use ad serving allows you to create, manage and serve your banner, video and mobile ad campaigns in real time through our SaaS ad serving platform. 

Buyers are able to acquire impressions they want at a price that matches their objectives. RTB offers the possibility of buying only the impressions needed at a price they are willing to pay through the use of optimization algorithms of DSP. Sellers use SSP with supply side algorithms to get the maximum yield out of the ad inventory which is available for them to sell.

Ad Server SaaS

Ad server SaaS with Real time bidding involves an RTB auction for each ad impression in which buyers and sellers come to an agreement on the value of each ad impression and concluding the transaction.

free ad serving android sdk to monetize mobile apps, games, videos
Android Sdk

  Free ad server demo. Try our Ad Network, ad management, affiliate software, ad serving and Ad exchange demos   

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ios sdk. iPhone Sdk - monetize your mobile apps
iOS Sdk
iPhone Sdk

Ad Serving Solutions adserving combines the latest ad server technologies with advanced web analytics to maximize your ad revenue across an advertising network and ad exchange.

Ad Serving for those who are in need of ad management, ad delivery of internet ads and do not want to setup servers, software and databases. Services delivered via a "software as a service" model SaaS, available on demand, so there is no traditional software to install, upgrade or maintain.

Own & Sell your own Software Brand

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Advertising / Advertisers Welcome         
Software Programming  /  Customizations
Banner Ad design, Ecard Design
Android App Development - Iphone

We provide ad serving that is hosted on our servers. For those who do not wish to install software on their own servers. Everything is hosted on our servers by us so you will not have to install software on your own server.

Ad-Serving for display, iptv, video, apps and mobile. SaaS

Pick a service plan fee which is paid each month. Your hosted account will be setup and you will be provided a unique login to the server along with a login for support.

Ad Serving
Affiliate Software
Ad Network
Ad Management
Banner exchange
Affiliate network

SaaS Ad Serving

Hosting done on our servers
No Software to Install
No Hardware Required
No Maintenance Necessary
No Bandwidth Charges
No Contracts Required
Account Setup in minutes
Order Now 

License Setup Fee. Pick a Plan, Fee which is paid each month.
Ad Impressions                          

Monthly Price           

Up To 500,000 Impressions   

Check Plan Prices

Up To 1 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 3 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 5 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 10 Million Impressions  Purchase
Up To 15 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 20 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 30 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 40 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 50 Million Impressions Purchase
Up To 100 Million Impressions Purchase
Over 100 Million Impressions

  • Ad Network  : Ad Exchange : RTB

  • Run an Ad Network / Ad Exchange DoubleClick, AdMob, Facebook Ad Exchange, Mochi Ads, Game jacket
  • Real time Bidding - RTB   
  • Mobile Ad Exchange  -  Ad Exchange
  • Sell side Platform - SSP
  • DSP - Demand side platform    
  • Ad auction Engine   
  • Yield Optimization Logic - Optimization   
  • Ad exchange - rtb, Ad auction Engine, DSP - SSP -   integration with Rubicon, Facebook Exchange (FBX), Right Media, Google Adx, Admeld, Openx, AppNexus, Criteo,Pubmatic, Media Math, Nexage, AdMob, Mopub, Mojiva
  • Android SDK, sdk iOS, iPhone Sdk -  monetize mobile ads
  • Flash SDK, video sdk, app sdk, game sdk
  • Ad inventory, Forecasting 
  • HyperLocal ad marketplace. Unlimited Publishers, Networks
  • geo targeting , hyperlocal ad targeting, Dual Ads, tag generator
  • Dashboard, Ad Rate Cards, Geo Statistics
  • Display advertising, video, mobile, InGame, Ads in apps
  • Run your own ad exchange, ad marketplace, ad network
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Mobile ad serving Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Ipad, Samsung
  • ad delivery, ad manager, Trafficking, advertisement serving
  • Ads in apps. Ads in Videos. Ads in Games.
  • CPC, CPA, CPM, eCPM, RTB, # Days, Bidding, fixed rate
  • Self Service Advertising System
  • Pixel tracking
  • Publishers & Advertisers automatically Sign Up
  • Effective cost per thousand impressions - ECPM
  • Display ad network. Ad tracking, control over all data, advertising mediums, file types. Ad manager
  • Automatically Buy ad Space - sell ad space
  • Billing Interface for all clients
  • Payment Gateways:  Authorize, Worldpay, Paypal, 2Checkout
  • Categories : Sports, Games, Travel, Entertainment
  • Ad Network
  • Ad Network Demo        

    Ad Management : Ad serving

  • Manage and serve Rich Media ads and adverts
  • Ad Management Display advertising. Ad targeting
  • Ads in Apps, Ads in Games, Ads in Videos, Mobile advertising
  • Ad Serving optimization, tags, metrics. Hyperlocal advertising
  • CPM, CPC, CPA, eCPM, Fixed rate, Number of Days, Bidding
  • Flash video click thru tracking and pixel tracking
  • Video Ad Server. We can supply you w/ ad server video player
  • javascript, Java, Iframe, Php, Asp ad tags provided to deliver to blogs, browsers, mobile devices, rss, xml, email & multi media
  • Deliver, track, report ads on websites, mobile
  • Targeting ads by geo targeting, Hyperlocal , Demographic
  • Display advertising, mobile, InGame, Flash, Contextual, video, Rich Media, 3rd party ads, flash video, Ads in apps
  • HyperLocal - local targeting of ads - banner rotator
  • Track and report PPC  listings, Contextual ads Ad Sonar, Google, Miva, Yahoo,
  • Ad tracking,  reporting, Ad delivery, and IP targeting of ads
  • Advertising methods to distribute, manage advertising
  • Ad Management
  • Ad Management Demo

    Affiliate Software
    Affiliate Network
  • Fraud controls, fraud management
  • Shopping carts - payment platforms Compatible
  • Advanced tracking technology
  • Launch Affiliate Network Darkblue, Clickbank, Linkshare
  • Payouts: pay per click, pay per sale, %, pay per lead, flat rate
  • Lead generation
  • Affiliate tracking. affiliate management solution
  • Affiliate Network with unlimited affiliate ad network, merchants in a marketplace to sell products, services.
  • Financial reports
  • Merchant low balance alert
  • Affiliate tracking software
  • Ad pools
  • Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate Software Demo

Advertising internationally to our clients in: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Latin America, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden,Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.

Additional Information can be found at these direct links for your convenience. These are provided if you decide you would rather purchase our enterprise level Ad-Serving instead of our hosted or software as a service:

Ad Network
Ad Management
Affiliate Software
Affiliate Network

Banner Exchange
Ad Exchange

Have you ever wanted to OWN your own Business?

The White Label / Private Label / Franchise Program lets you leverage the same technology that has made us an industry leader. Offer unmatched solutions - under your own brand name. Then, set your own pricing to maximize profits and keep 100% of your revenue. Whether you want to start a business, grow your revenue, franchise or add products to your product line.

We are the only company that provides the opportunity:

-to OWN and SELL all of our technology
-to OWN and SELL your own software
-to OWN and SELL your own products
-to OWN and SELL your own brand

A Turn-key, ready to go, all in one Advertising Platform. Imagine not having to spend 2-3 years and millions of dollars to develop. Under your own brand, logo, name. Set your own plans and pricing. No restrictions. You own it. You can then sell software, resell, license, franchise and anything else you want to do. Cost of ownership is $100,000

White Label Affiliate Software
White Label Affiliate Network Software
White Label Ad Management Software
White Label Banner Exchange
Private Label Ad Network
Private Brand Ad Server
White Label Software
White Label

Ad exchange
Ad Serving Solutions ad server

Ad Serving - ad serving solutions provides ad networks, ad serving system and ad serving technology for rtb, ad exchange, ad network for serving and targeting advertising.









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Ad Serving

Ad-serving is the process of placing advertisements on websites, mobile devices and applications.

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